Phone Accessories


PHONE ACCESSORIES IN KENYA Mobile accessories are additional accessories that can be used in gaining more functionality to a phone. Usually the main purpose of buying mobile accessories is for safety. This can be aided through back covers as well as screen protectors. Mobile accessories also help in enhancing the looks of your mobile. This is sorted by back covers. At times, mobile accessories are incorporated to enhance the performance deliver the purpose of a certain feature i.e a headphone for audio listening or a fast charger for faster charging speeds. Whichever the course, it is evident that mobile accessories play a huge role in the life of mobile users. MUST HAVE PHONE ACCESSORIES Phone Case A protective case is a must have for users as it helps devices stay in good condition. As much as it might cover up your device’s beautiful design, it will definitely come in handy in preventing sticky fingerprint remains or shattered glass back. Screen Protectors Screen protectors are very essential as they save you the cost of having to repair a new screen in case of accidents. The screen protector usually cracks during falls and prevents the device’s screen from being damaged. Power banks A number of phones usually give users a day of battery life with average use. However, having a power bank with you will allow you to unlimitedly partake in activities such as camera usage, playing games and other battery intensive activities Cables and Chargers Cables and chargers definitely do the essential work of powering up your devices. Today, there are a number of fast chargers that help in quickly filling up your phone. Additionally, they come in handy when there is a need of having a new /extra cable or charger. FIRST PARTY VS THIRD PARTY ACCESSORIES The difference between first and third Part Accessories is that First party accessories are usually made with a particular phone or phone range in mind. A example of this is a Google dedicated charger meant for Pixel 4 and 5. On the other hand, third party accessories usually fill up the gap in accessories market. They are accessories that are made without any particular alignment to a specific brand. An example of this is a charger that can charge a Tecno, Infinix and Oppo phones. Buy here Phone Accessories in Kenya.