Product Details

For those who love their entertainment, the DAV-TZ140 has the sound and picture quality capabilities to create a theater experience in your own home. It's not just about great pictures, is it? With this Sony DAV-TZ140 - 5.1Ch DVD Home Theater System you get the brilliant sound to make all your favorite movies come to life. The Multiple speakers, powerful subwoofer and an array of Dolby audio features will have you jumping in your seat! Order for this Sony DAV-TZ140 - 5.1Ch DVD Home Theater System online at Zuricart Kenya and have it delivered straight at your doorstep.

See old favorites in a new light, or modern blockbusters clearer sharper and with more passion. This system upscales Standard Definition DVDs closer to High Definition for an intense experience that really sucks you into the action.

Sound and picture through one cable

Enjoy high-quality picture and sound through just one cable with HDMI connectivity. Cut down on wires and keep your environment clutter-free.

Free your digital videos and movies

Dive into your movie, music and photo libraries and enjoy old favorites on the big screen and surround sound with a USB connection. Plugin your laptop or transfer to a memory stick for fast access to your film library.


  • Brand: Sony


  • HDMI: 1
  • USB: 1
  • WiFi: No


  • Dolby Digital: Dolby digital

Power Output

  • Total Power: 300 W
  • Front Speakers: 50 W
  • Center Speakers: 50 W
  • Surround Speakers: 50 W


  • Video Upscaling: 720p/1080i for DVD
  • OSD Support: Yes


  • Main Unit : 340mm x 56mm x 325mm
  • Main Unit Weight: 2.1kg
  • Front Speakers: 83mm x 119mm x 100mm
  • Front Speaker Weight: 0.35kg
  • Center Speakers: 83mm x 119mm x 100mm
  • Center Speakers Weight: 0.43kg
  • Surround Speaker: 83mm x 119mm x 100mm
  • Surround Speaker Weight: 83mm x 119mm x 100mm
  • Subwoofer: 160mm x 315mm x 295mm
  • Surround Speakers Weight: 0.39kg
  • Subwoofer: 160mm x 315mm x 295mm
  • Subwoofer Weight: 3.0kg