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XIAOMI Phones Price in Kenya

Xiaomi phones have been the most prominent products though the company also makes and invests in other consumer electronics. There is no better time to look for Xiaomi mobile phones in Kenya as it steadily gains admirable competition which has been held by the likes of Apple and Samsung phones.

The remarkable catchphrase for Xiaomi Mobile phones has to be the remarkable specs that come with a great price tag price attached to them. Additionally, they have a great design and superior display. Xiaomi mobile phones are also comprised of the Poco and Redmi brand.


Xiaomi Poco phones are among one the best phones that you can have thanks to their Qualcomm Snapdragon processing technology all the way to their liquid cooling process. additionally, they come with an improved gaming experience and ease of connectivity

Currently, some of the best Poco phones are Poco X3 Pro, Poco M3 Pro 5G, and Poco F3 GT REDMI

Redmi phones stand out because of their specifications. They come with high-quality specifications that include a camera, processor, and memory.


For the best camera phones that will make you enjoy having a masterpiece on your hand, you can definitely count on Xiaomi. Some of the best camera phones under Xiaomi come with a 108 Mp main camera and include the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro. Additionally, the Poco X3 Pro also has a great camera.


Xiaomi has the best battery-sized phones. If you thought that a 4500-5000mAh battery-sized phone was great then imagine what a 6,000mAh battery-sized phone can do. The likes of Xiaomi Poco M3 and Redmi 10 Prime.


If you are looking for gaming phones, then Xiaomi Black Shark was specifically created for that purpose. These phones are not only good for gaming but additionally come with affordable prices as compared to the high-tech specs. As an example, the Black Shark 3 has several top-end specs such as Snapdragon 865 chipset,5G connectivity, a massive battery, and a 90Hz refresh rate.


1. Are Poco phones and Redmi different from Xiaomi

NO! Both Poco and Redmi fall under the umbrella of Xiaomi phones. This is why they are named as Xiaomi Poco phones and Xiaomi Redmi Phones.

2. Why are Xiaomi phones so cheap?

Affordable would be the best name to call Xiaomi phones. They are affordable because the company focuses on the online market thus saving a lot of money which is channelled into producing quality featured phones.

3. Are Xiaomi phones worth buying?

Yes! This is because of their impressive specs and features.

4. Do Xiaomi Phones support 5G

A number of Xiaomi phones support the 5G network though not all they do. The Xiaomi 5G phones include Mi 11, Mi 11x, Redmi 10X Pro, Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro, and more.

5. What are the latest Xiaomi Phones

The latest are: