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The TCL TVs are some of the very exquisite brands of Television on the market. This is because the set is not only affordable but comes with great features. Zuricart offers you all sizes of TCL TVs as well as types. Both Android and smart TVs at the best price online are available in our stores.

TCL TVs- Your Smart Buddy The television market has made an incredible rise. Smart TV, LED, QLED, 4K, HDR, and other technologies in the tv industry are becoming increasingly common. 

If you're in the market for a new television, the TCL Smart TV is a good option to explore. Let's look at what a good Smart TV should have in order to be worth your money since that has been said. 

Price Charged - One of the most important things to consider while going for a new TV is the budget. It's more inexpensive than most Smart TVs because TCL TV is in the same price range. For a higher price, you may obtain televisions with larger screens, better contrast, and more vibrant colours for a more enjoyable TV viewing experience. 

Size of the Display - The contemporary television screens' mantra is "bigger is better." The bezel-less design of the TCL TV makes it very slim. The television's body is built of brushed metal, which lends it a luxurious appearance. A 106.68 cm TV or a 134.62 cm TV can be chosen depending on the size of your room and the amount of space available. Keep in mind that the diagonal measurement of the screen's size is taken from corner to corner.

QLED or LED? High-definition picture quality may be achieved using both QLED and LED technology. The QLED technology, on the other hand, provides a significantly superior picture quality but at a hefty price. 

A LED would be an excellent option for those who are willing to compromise a little on visual quality. 

A QLED (QUANTUM DOT LED) display on the TCL Smart TV brings out the best in black and dark scenes. Resolution of the Television Set A 4K television is a no-brainer if you enjoy video games, movies, and television shows in high definition. Even standard HD content looks better on a 4K television since it is upscaling it. 

TCL TVs are available in a variety of resolutions, including Full HD, HD Ready, and Ultra HD (4K). TV with a built-in Wi-Fi connection Television no longer serves solely as a source of entertainment for the uninitiated. Television has become more intelligent as a result of new technology. 

Shopping for a new TV or upgrading, consider a Smart TV. You may control the Smart TV's functions wirelessly with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. It's possible to watch anything on your Smart TV thanks to a variety of streaming providers. Syncing your smartphone content and seeing your videos and photos on the big screen of your television are both possible features. Log on to Zuricart and browse and compare the many TCL TV models to get a better idea of what each one has to offer, and you'll be able to make an informed decision. You can save money by purchasing it online and having it delivered right to your door. It's time to upgrade to a TCL TV. 

TCL's LED Smart TVs are ultra-sleek and feature-rich, and they're on a mission to change the way you watch TV forever. They have a slew of appealing features that will elevate your gaming experience to a new level. You should go with TCL if you're looking for a smart TV for your home. It's never been easier to watch your favorite movies and TV shows than it is now thanks to the power of the internet. Take a look at our favorite TCL TV before you start looking at TCL televisions online. 

HD-ready LED Smart TV TCL 32S68A 80cm Smart is an understatement when it comes to this sleek TCL LED TV! This TV's vivid contrast is one of our favorite features! It truly has the best picture quality possible. 

1)  You can expect a mind-blowing audio experience thanks to the system's strong Dolby Audio setup. Let's take a closer look at the TCL LED TV's features: If you're a visual person, you'll be able to see every tiny detail on your screen thanks to its HD quality. Its visual quality is unquestionably up to the best industry standards, being crisp, clear, and rich. 

2)  This TCL TV features Micro Dimming, a feature that truly sets it apart from the rest. It's because of this that movies appear so lifelike on screen. Adjusting brightness and darkness in different zones of your TV is done using Micro Dimming mode. In addition, the white LED lighting substantially enhances the color palette.

3) Creating a strong contrast. This aids in the creation of more vibrant images, making your time spent watching television much more pleasurable. 

4) Make your house into a movie theatre! Dolby Audio is included in this TCL TV, providing the most immersive surround sound experience possible.

5) It's safe to say that this TV lives up to its moniker! Using its Smart Sound feature, it automatically adjusts the volume and other sound settings based on what you're watching (news, sports, movies, etc.) Isn't it awesome?

6) TV is the TCL App Store! From video-on-demand services to the most popular games and photo-sharing apps, this market offers a wide variety of materials. Get started right now by downloading them directly to your TCL TV! 

7) A smart TV that doesn't have screen mirroring isn't a smart TV at all. Enjoy your favorite material on a larger, fuller screen by projecting the screen of your smart device onto your TCL TV. Buying a smart TV for the first time can be a daunting task, but you can rely on this TCL Smart TV to get you started! You may buy a TCL TV online.

Buying a TCL Smart TV online is the way to go if you've already made up your mind. Our goal is to persuade you to buy a TCL TV from our website. If you don't start now, you'll miss out on the best discounts.

Reasons to get a TCL Television

Sight friendly

The brightness on TCL screens is adequate for outdoor and indoor use. At no point will the lighting be too intense to burn your eyes or too dim to make them struggle. For this reason, you can acquire TCL TV for home use or commercial as everyone is catered for.

The recent production of these TVs saw the popping of Mini-LED TVs with great resolution with clarity as well as more natural scenes natural. However, even the previous models bear high resolution, Dolby vision, and great processors among others to give you exemplary vision.


As earlier mentioned TCL is a brand offering excellence at a pocket-friendly price. Beautifully designed TVs of your choice can be acquired without strain. For the cost of every TV, you get to enjoy its value. For sure there will be no waste of your coin with the services the TV offers.

Smart OS

The TCL TVs OS (bearing some of them are using up to Android 11) is fully featured as well as intuitive. So if you go for a smart or Android TCL TV then you will have nothing to regret with its fast rate of operation. These TVs ensure you enjoy flawless entertainment online and offline


With up to 4 processors you barely get to notice poor-quality pictures as they are quickly transformed to high quality.  You also get a clear vision in motion-heightened videos with the motion rates in the devices. The inbuilt apps and features of TCL TVs are not decorations. For instance, the Voice control functions reduce the movement and shift to adjust settings or change channels in these TVs.

Great gaming

You will not need to buy a separate screen to enjoy gaming sessions in your comfort. Upon acquiring a TCL TV enjoy all games online and offline effectively. Features that support gaming boxes and that quickly make compatibility easier are incorporated in the TCL TVs.


In conclusion, TCL is a classy brand that completely meets your expectations and Zuricart got you covered with just a tap on your smartphone it's delivered to your doorstep.


TCL 40S68A 40-INCH ANDROID 11KSH.29,000