Samsung Phones


SAMSUNG Phones Price in Kenya

Samsung phones have been able to rise steadily over the years and stand as competition to Apple iPhone. They are the pioneer of Android smartphones which are evident in most devices besides iPhone and Windows run phones. Up to date, the mobile brand is able to release some of the best-selling phones and especially prides itself in having great camera phones.

One great aspect that allows Samsung phones to stand out is its wide range portfolio. The brand comes with five lines that give users a wide variation to choose from. By this, it is able to accommodate a wide number of buyers.


There are 5 series under the Samsung Mobile phones. These are the S series, Note  series, A series, and M series.

S series

The S-series comes with the most powerful phones and one of the best available camera systems. Lately, the Galaxy S21 series has the best camera products. Other great camera phones include Galaxy S20 Fe.

Note Series

The Note series unique feature is its phablet look. They come with a huge display and an S-Pen that makes them unique. Each variant of the note phone usually comes with a new variant pen and 

Z series

The Z series is part of the recently launched Samsung line. It comprises all Samsung foldable phones such as Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z flip. These phones are also high-end.

A series

Samsung A series comes in handy for users who cannot afford the S and Z series. These phones have lower price tags but have relatively good specs. They include Galaxy A22 and Galaxy A32.

M series

The M series has its target audience fixated on Millennials/ the younger generation. They are affordable and normally fall in the same range as some of the A-series. This series is also good for budget users and include devices such as 



Which Phones have an S-Pen?

The S pen is usually found in the Samsung Galaxy Note series. However, recently the S21 Ultra also launched with an S-Pen.

Which Samsung phones come with 5G Network?

Samsung phones with a 5G network include the S21 series, S20 series S21 FE, Note 20 series, S Series, S20, S20 Plus, Galaxy A72, and Galaxy A52s.

Which Samsung phones have the best battery?

If you are looking for a device that also has a great battery, you might consider Galaxy M52 spotting a 7,000mAh battery and Galaxy A32 with a 6,000mAh battery.

Which Samsung phone has the best Camera?

Currently, the Samsung with the best camera is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra which has a 108Mp main camera and 5xoptical zoom.