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Apple mobile phones present a touch of elegance, high-end, unique, and the best photography type of devices. Apple iPhones usually face competition from Samsung, Google Pixel, and OnePlus. Actually, every year has just been a game-changer for the mobile world as it usually presents a new modified iPhone.

Apple mobile phones come with a whole diversity of wonderful specs. Don’t be scared by the price tags as there are even budgets in its product line.

LATEST iPhones

The latest iPhone as of late 2021 had to be the iPhone 13 series whereas the iPhone 14 and iPhone SE3 are anticipated to be released in 2022.


All iPhones that were launched after iPhone X come with Face IDs. This range starts from iPhone X, XR and all the way to iPhone 13 Pro Max


iPhone models that sit below iPhone X come with a touch ID. The most popular one of them is the iPhone SE.

What are iPhones Good For

The advantages of iPhones include:

  • Being more user-friendly as the look and feel of iOS has not changed over the years.
  • iPhones have extreme security as compared to Android phones.
  • iOS in iPhones can be updated at any time.
  • iPhones tend to have the best camera ever.
  • Apple provides the best support


1.What iPhone has the best display?

iPhone 13 Pro Max with its 120HZ ProMotion display has the best display.

2. What iPhone has the best photography?

All iPhones come with clear photography, however, if we are to choose, the best iPhones for photography are iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

3. Which iPhone has the best performance?

iPhone 13 Pro max and iPhone 12 come with the best performance.

4. Which iPhones have the best battery?

When it comes to battery size, you can go with the iPhone 13 Pro max, iPhone 12 Pro max, iPhone 13,iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 11. 

5. What sets each iPhone apart?

Each iPhone comes with its own share of strengths. iPhone 13 series come with battery improvements as compared to iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro max in particular have better cameras. iPhone 12 comes with an OLED display, a great camera, water and dust resistance, and a great range of colors. iPhone 11 marked the entry of Face ID phones that replaced Touch ID. On the other hand, iPhone SE carries over iPhone 8’s design and has a Touch ID rather than a Face ID. It also has a great camera.